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Tamadon Sanat Zarin (TSZ) is a petrochemical export and import company that operates as a private limited liability company according to the needs of Iran's petrochemical industry in domestic and foreign markets by providing logistics services. (TSZ) Company Brokering the sale of some products of petrochemical complexes /oil products. Order directly and without intermediaries of petrochemical and oil products from Iranian sources with the aim of exporting to global markets. Providing of logistic services (shipping, storages tanks, Warehousing ,etc.) inside and outside the country.


Iran as a resourceful country in natural reserves has been investing heavily in petrochemicals and thereby considered as one of the leading petrochemical commodity producing countries in the Middle East with production surpassing 60 million metric tons per year (mt/y), and the capacity is to reach 120 million mt/y mark by 2022. Petrochemical industry in terms of know-how, processing with abundant feedstock and trading is considered as a vibrant business because transformation of raw materials into added value commodity products can generate health and wealth for nations. Petrochemical products primarily cover olefins and aromatics which, as the essential building blocks of the petrochemical industry, are being derived from natural oil/gas (hydrocarbons) reserves after several refining processes. They are, in turn, used in the downstream manufacturing of secondary products like detergents, polyurethanes, plastic and synthetic fibres.

The multiplicity of challenges facing investors on the other hand cannot be considered as trivial. To ensure coherency of policies and desired outcome, in particular fortification of sustainability and profitability, it is vital that opportunities and threats are fully realized. Further, the development of any petrochemical trading organisation can only be sustained on the basis of the effectiveness of its activities particularly in terms of clarity of strategic vision, world class management, targeted investment and measured joint ventures. Companies of TSZ stature, particularly under current restrictive and rather testing financial climate, are invariably required to adhere to such measures so as to steer the organization to safe shores through restructuring and self-assessment.
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